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Family Immigration
Family Immigration

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Family Immigration

Keeping your family together is one of the most important legal rights a person has. By working with an immigration lawyer, you can both sponsor and qualify for family visas. Consult with a family immigration lawyer in Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Orange County to get the process started as soon as possible. 

Types of Family Visas

In order to obtain a visa, you need to be sure you qualify and apply for the correct type of family visa:

Immediate Relative Visas

Immediate Relative Visas are available to parents, spouses, and children of United States citizens. These visas are not subject to an annual limit, but they are only available if your sponsor already has U.S. citizenship. They are only available to close family members. This can make it difficult to qualify for an Immediate Relative Visa.

Family Preference Visas

More distant relatives can qualify for a Family Preference Visas. Lawful permanent residents can only sponsor a spouse or an unmarried child, but U.S. citizens can sponsor a wider range of relatives. Because of this, far more applicants are eligible for Family Preference Visas than Immediate Relative Visas, and the government must limit the number of Family Preference Visas that are issued each year.


Fiancé(e) Visas

The K-1 nonimmigrant visa is available to United States citizens who are sponsoring a fiancé(e). Permanent residents cannot sponsor a fiancé(e), and the K-1 visa is not available if you are already married. You and your fiancé(e) must intend to marry one another within 90 days of your fiancé(e)’s admission to the United States.

The Right Family Immigration Lawyer In Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Orange County for Your Case

You don’t have to face the U.S. government alone. Nicklaus Misiti is an experienced New York immigration lawyer serving clients in Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Orange County. He has helped many families stay together by obtaining family visas. Call 845.926.1177 or contact us online to learn more today.