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Immigrant Criminal Defense
Immigrant Criminal Defense

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Immigrant Criminal Defense

Being arrested can be a frightening experience for anyone, though it can be especially terrifying if you are not a United States citizen. Immigrants facing criminal charges not only have to worry about possible fines and imprisonment, but also the possible effects of their case on their immigration status. In addition, if you have a criminal history, you might be denied your desired immigration status, to begin with.

If your immigration status is in possible jeopardy due to criminal charges or convictions, you should speak with an immigrant criminal defense lawyer in Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Orange County as soon as possible. Contact the Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti, PLLC, for the help you need.

Assisting with both Criminal Defense and Immigration Matters

Everyone accused of a crime should discuss their defense options with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The right defense can help to prevent a conviction on your record or time behind bars. Criminal defense attorneys can negotiate with prosecutors for favorable plea agreements, which is important as many criminal cases end in a guilty plea, which can often mean reduced penalties.

The situation is quite different for defendants who are non-citizens, however. A guilty plea – or even the charge itself in some situations – can result in detention by ICE and the initiation of removal proceedings. It is important to have an attorney who knows how to handle the following and more:

  • ICE holds
  • 212(h) waivers
  • 212(c) waivers
  • 42a waivers – cancellation of removal

Learn How an Immigrant Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Orange County Can Help

At the Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti, PLLC, we offer full-service legal assistance to immigrants facing criminal matters. To consult with our Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Orange County, New York, immigrant criminal defense attorney, please do not wait to contact us online or call 845.926.1177 today.